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Cloudy Cloud
Get visibility into your cloud deployments by centralizing your IP Address Management and DNS. Single Pane of Glass for AWS,Azure,Google and VMware

Professional Services
GLADEV engineers are crossed-trained Engineers, Technologists an Architect with 15+ years of delivering critical DNS,DHCP and DNS Security infrastructure

DNSSEC stops cache poisoning attacks because attackers can no longer impersonate authoritative name servers,verifying the authenticity of the responding name server, and the integrity of the answer received


Cloud Security Strategy
Our vendor-agnostic consultants document security implications on your current or planned cloud adoption so that you can focus on your customers.
Security and Compliance
Independent perspective needed to minimize risk and ensure cloud compliance. We can help you define your cloud security requirements, determine data classifications and protection schemes and assess your current or prospective cloud service provider
Cloud Architecture
We work closely with our clients to identify a holistic set of security process and technology solutions that underpin cloud strategy, satisfy industry and regulatory requirements and achieve business goals.
Threat Insight
Infoblox Threat Insight is a unique technology that uses machine learning and performs real-time streaming analytics on live DNS queries to detect data exfiltration
Advanced DNS Protection
Automatically Detect and Stop the Widest Range of External and Internal DNS based Attacks, While Maintaining DNS Integrity & Service Availability
DNS Migration
Our Certified Infoblox Engineers will assist you before and after your migration to assure an optimized operation

IPv6 Strategy and Architecture
Our consultants bring deep IPv6 experience and knowledge of the provider and government environments. Together, our team can help you build a secure and modular and low-risk IPv6 transition strategy
IPv6 Design and Engineering
Develop detailed design and equipment configurations, transition sequencing and transition engineering tasks. Detailed design and engineering of the elements. Host addressing, DNS and DHCP (stateless, stateful) considerations.

IPv6 Transition and Governance
Our governance plan will incorporate engineering, operations, communications, procurement, field engineering and internal project management teams under one umbrella responsible for transition to IPv6

Security Risk services

Assess security and risk tolerance, determine the right level of security for their cloud ambitions and design a comprehensive strategy and architecture to support their goals.

Identity & access management

We implement processes and tools that centralize and streamline access to cloud and enterprise services and applications

Infrastructure & Application 

Our infrastructure solutions start by getting foundation security services right across the extended enterprise and cloud ecosystem 


As the global nature of technology continues to evolve and virtualization enables convenience once thought impossible, the requirements to meet and ensure adherence or conformity to internal legislation, regulations and laws become greater all the time, add cloud computing and the complexity increases exponentially
Enterprise Data Center
Backed by technical leadership and successful record of designing and implementing some of the world's most complex and secure networks, getting you to the cloud quickly, securely, and cost effectively is what we do.
Security and Compliance
We tailor custom engagements to work hand in hand with your organization as you begin or continue your cloud journey. We can help you define your cloud security requirements, determine data classifications and protection schemes and assess your current or prospective cloud service provider.
Cloud Enablement
Our cloud services provide a holistic approach to cloud security to protect the business and unlock value. Our experts consult with you to analyze cloud readiness, identify opportunities, and create a roadmap for cloud transformation.

Global Asset Development Group

Our Security experts leverage decades of experience, deep industry knowledge and a focus on business value to help organizations develop security strategies that protect your business against threats, risks and capitalize on new technologies.

IPv6 Enterprise Network Analysis
This analysis focuses on analyzing the transition to IPv6 in enterprise networks with a focusing on IP Layer 3. Pulling together all the IT assets you have in the enterprise
IPv6 Network Design Considerations
This analysis focuses on the design of your IPv6 addressing plan. Don’t be deterred by the intimidating appearance of those long IP version 6 (IPv6) addresses.
IPv6 Project Management Planning Team
GLADEV will provide your team with a Technical Project Manager that will assist in designing and implementing your IPv6 Roadmap and transition plan.
IPv6 Adoption:U.S. Government
This planning guide is to provide United States (U.S.) Federal Government agency leaders with practical and actionable guidance on a successfully IPv6 integration.
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