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global asset development group

With a rich past performance history and mastery across a wide range of government and commercial IT environments, tools, and platforms, our highly skilled employees drive success in Information Technology and Cybersecurity integrations. Advising go beyond providing consulting, design, and technology services.

We build our reputation as the best firm to work with by ensuring that our clients and our communities achieve their full IT Modernization potential. Our customers include Federal agencies, Commercial businesses and, and a variety of professional organizations.

The IPv6 transition is a complex, multifaceted project that touches every aspect of your IT organization, from network to applications, from management to security. GLADEV brings unparalleled experience and expertise in planning, architecting, designing and deploying IPv6 your organization.
GLADEV provides consulting, migration and management services for private and public cloud. We empower organizations to realize the full potential of the cloud, allowing them to leverage our expertise, tools, and experience to address their unique business requirements on-premise and multi-cloud. Demystify the "Cloudy Clouds".
Smart City Solutions
With the explosion of Internet of thing (IoT), the overall population growth, and urbanization that will add another 2.5 billion people to cities over the next three decades, Citizens and local authorities are obliged to launch swift initiatives, and smart city technology is paramount to success and meeting these goals.
Network operators have limited visibility into their data known as Cloudy Cloud. Our DDI solutions allow each operator full visibility into the on-premises and multi-Cloud infrastructures. Centrally orchestrate DHCP, DNS and IPAM functions across diverse networks with integrated capabilities into your automation tools.
Traditionally, the IT industry has relied on perimeter security strategies to protect its most valuable resources like user data and intellectual property. However, digital transformation and the move to hybrid cloud infrastructure are changing the way industries do business. Relying on a network perimeter is no longer sufficient.
Data Lake
Using an extremely powerful data warehouse technology such as Snowflake, GLADEV can build an organization’s modern data management solution on Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud in matter of weeks. Your data will then be ready for analysis, visualization using popular BI and analytics tools like Tableau, Looker, Qlik, Power BI

Application Integrations

Trying to solve all of your IT challenges internally can become a major distraction.
Our consulting strategy solve our clients’ complex problems by bringing an approach to executable strategy that combines technology, deep industry knowledge, rigorous analysis and global insight to enable confident action

Domain Name Server DNS

While maintaining DNS integrity & Services availability, our Advanced Multi-Cloud DNS services protect your applications and users by automatically detect and stopping the widest range of DNS Based attacks

Domain Host Configuration Protocol

A Multi-Cloud DHCP service that integrates with your IP Address Management solution for IPv4 and IPv6. All devices, all locations

IP address management: IPv4 and IPv6

Single pane of glass to manage both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. What network devices and hosts are on your infrastructure?

GLADEV Infoblox DNS, DHCP & IPAM (DDI) Professional Services

GLADEV’s DNS DHCP and IP Address Management (DDI) Professional Services team provides full lifecycle support for Infoblox customers, from planning and design, architecture review through implementation, optimization, and ongoing iteration as your network grows.

GLADEV’s Engineers and Architects are experts in all aspects of network architecture and operations involving Infoblox solutions, including DNS, DHCP, IPAM, cybersecurity, cloud provisioning and appliance provisioning. By integrating Infoblox solutions with your security and network tools, we bring next-level simplicity, security, reliability and automation to traditional networks, as well as digital transformations like SD-WAN, hybrid cloud and IoT. Enhancement of your Security posture and score is achieved by reducing the time and cost of threat response through enhanced automation and real-time, two-way data sharing across the ecosystem enabled by Infoblox’ extensive APIs.

Strategic Consulting
We’re on a mission to start a conversation with our customers in this fast connected world. Let’s discover, build and integrate your disparate IT solutions.
GLADEV consulting services help organizations better understand emerging technologies, implement Agile design principles and take a strategic approach to adopting tools and methodologies. Using a holistic approach, we help you define, design and execute strategies that optimize costs and quality while creating new revenue streams.
Program Management

Our experts pull from multiple approaches based on the client’s needs—including continuous process improvement, PMI ITIL processes, Lean Six Sigma, and knowledge management practices—to streamline, scale, and ensure accountability

Information Security

Our Security experts leverage decades of experience, deep industry knowledge and a focus on business value to help organizations develop security strategies and capitalize on new technologies

Teamwork and problem solving
Create innovative solutions
Targeting and positioning
Only personal approach
Global Asset Development Group
IPv6 Resistance is Futile


GLADEV consulting services help organizations better understand emerging technologies, implement Agile design principles and take a strategic approach to adopting tools and methodologies.

Gladev Engineers will conduct a network vulnerability assessment to identify your weaknesses and prioritizes them for correction

GLADEV offers security assessment and compliance services to uncover any vulnerabilities your systems and applications may have and offer recommendations for mitigating them.

We offer Risk Assessments that align with our clients’ business goals, helping them cost-effectively reduce both known and unknown risks.

We will work with you to identify the secure network and system architecture that your organization needs to protect its assets.

We perform real time cyber risk triage, allowing clients to prioritize the allocation of resources based upon realistic risk assessment factors and have developed tailored situational awareness tools to support cyber security center operations.

Integrating best-of-breed solutions, we help secure workloads and protect data by deploying a secure cloud environment that’s designed to meet your needs while fulfilling regulatory requirements.

Data Analytics and AI

We work with our clients to support their missions by developing end-to-end solutions that pair our best-in-class data scientists with emerging technologies.

Application Services

We understand building enterprise-scale products requires agility at every stage, not just development. That’s why we immerse ourselves fully in our clients’ domain, delivering value with a focus on collaboration, visibility, security, and speed.

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