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Advanced DNS Protection


Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection

Automatically Detect and Stop the Widest Range of External and Internal DNS based Attacks, While Maintaining DNS Integrity & Service Availability.

DNS attacks prevented includes Reflection, DDoS, NXDOMAIN, Amplification, TCP/UDP/ICMP floods, Data Exfiltration (through known Tunnels), Hijacking, Reconnaissance, Cache poisoning and Protocol anomalies.

Infoblox ADP is the only solution that is fully integrated with DDI

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can significantly affect service and application availability. Recovery is often complex and labor intensive

Infoblox ADP can prevent the widest variety of DDoS and other external and internal DNS based attacks in organizations
Automatically protect the DNS server against new and evolving threats with a set of threat protection rules
Advanced Appliances have next-generation programmable processors that provide dedicated compute for threat mitigation.

Through Infoblox, your security teams can gain a wealth of security insights by harnessing data residing in DNS, DHCP and IPAM (DDI) services. Data contained in these services reveal a gold mine of information, including which devices and destinations are associated with specific attacks or which network assets warrant enhanced protection

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