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GLADEV is a global network of professional firms providing technology consulting and business strategy services in partnership with clients and experts from the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors around the world to identify highest-value opportunities and unique solutions.

Advising go beyond providing consulting, design, and technology services. We build our reputation as the best firm to work with by ensuring that our clients and our communities achieve their full potential.


Our Global team has decades of experience working with  Fortune 500 companies and leading U.S and international governments on topics including strategic goals, governance, capital expenditure optimization, Data Center Consolidation, Infrastructure Security, IPv6 deployments.


Now that cloud computing has made significant inroads in the marketplace, many CIOs are feeling threatened by the lack of security and O&M integration. We are here to empower developers to build engaging secured and opened APIs


Our Security experts leverage decades of experience, deep industry knowledge and a focus on business value to help organizations develop security strategies that protect your business against threats,risks and capitalize on new technologies


Our Team will boost  your IT efficiency and automation by seamlessly integrating DNS,DHCP and IPAM while enhancing your DNSSEC posture, while IP Address Management software (IPAM) will facilitate your IPv6  schema design and integrates with DNS and DHCP tools

Available IPv4 Networks
DNS Malwares in 2019
Data breaches


With help from Gladev support, you’ll be able to proactively optimize the availability, manageability, performance, and value of your IT environment.

Clear Filters
Strategic Consulting
Health IT
Cloudy Cloud
Governments Efficiency

Reducing the government’s operating costs by introducing Technology changes throughout the governmental entity that not only build up to real-time data but also increase the likelihood of big ideas emerging from emboldened employees: Building a Culture of Efficiency in Government

Secure Infrastructure

GLADEV team uses a cross-discipline, collaborative approach to help you achieve your business objectives. We anticipate market trends, identify the implications and develop points of view on relevant industry issues. GLADEV consulting has a strong local know-how combined with extensive international experience

Predictive Agriculture

The use of technology is arguably one of the most significant game changer for farming in developing countries. As information becomes critical for good decision-making, data must be collected, stored in the cloud and interpreted in a timely manner: Predictive Agriculture


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11 Feb: IPv6 in Bitcoin

This is an article by Vincentas Grinius of Heficed

In 2019, those responsible for the health and smooth operation of their organisation’s data networks are facing a new, creeping threat from the depletion of IPv4 addresses. Unlike the millennium bug, however, this threat has no defined deadline, no ‘high noon’, to encourage action.


01. Infoblox Engineer

  • Provide secure design and engineering guidance for Infoblox Grid infrastructure focused on delivering DNS services to the Enterprise.
  • Serve as an escalation point for DNS service-related incidents and a resource for information security incidents where DNS data or configuration is useful in the incident response process.
  • Firm knowledge of ITSM tools and processes with a clear vision on how to apply service management principles to DNS.
  • An understanding of how to utilize the Infoblox API to configure, manage or pull data from a grid.

02. CISCO ACI engineer

  • Design and implementation of Data Network solutions to a high standard
  • Strong knowledge of routing and switching products across different product vendors
  • Ansible/Python automation
  • Strong knowledge in Cisco ACI technology such as multi-pod, EPG, contract, L3Outa
  • Strong knowledge in Routing and Switching technology such as BGP, OSPF, VPC, VXLAN, DMVPN, Multicast, Wireless, RSTP, MSTP
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