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SAGE Technology Partners (STP) was created, to provide the real-estate industry with an operating system (similar to Microsoft Windows) that can be used by everyone involved in real-estate. In addition to the operating system, dubbed the SAGE Terminal, SAGE Technology Partners also develops core applications that push the industry to be more transparent, inclusive and efficient.

Global Asset Development Group (GLADEV) assisted STP in the early phases of this project by designing infrastructure. We leverage machine learning, a cloud infrastructure and industry best practices to deliver on our goal of democratizing the real-estate creation process in favor of efficiency, transparency and scalability.

Sage Technology partners

redefine how real estate is done

STP has created the operating system for the real-estate industry. The operating system provides the foundation for standardization, reliance on data to make decisions and greater accountability. This is accomplished by digitizing industry standard practices and leveraging different forms of artificial intelligence: machine learning, natural language processing and the blockchain.


Sage Technology Partners


20 Jan, 2021

  • Business consulting
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Lake
  • Cloud AWS
  • Real Estate Development

Challenge & Solution

SAGE CEO realized that after more than a decade of developing real-estate projects of all shapes, sizes and complexity levels, one recurring theme appeared, the lack of a unified system across the industry. This lack of an operating system gave a way to an inefficient, opaque and fragmented industry.

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SAGE Terminal is the gateway to our ecosystem. It provides access to our proprietary applications, tools and resources

Result Driven

SAGE Terminalis a gateway to our ecosystem which provides access to our proprietary software, tools, research and resources for our clients/partners, users, and vendors. Additionally, it can also integrate various third-party tools and software. The platform can be used for:

  • Government Agencies
  • Private Developers
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Corporations
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