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Hybrid Education
Massive Open Online Class

Accelerating the adoption of effective technologies, practices and policies by governments and expanding an innovative ecosystem for global learning

Our solutions enable governments and education institutions improve student outcomes, increase efficiency, enhance safety and security and connect theories to practical modeling by using virtualization capabilities

…New technologies like AI, machine learning, and educational software aren’t just changing the field for students, they’re shaking up the role of educators, creating philosophical shifts in approaches to teaching, and remodeling the classroom

Virtual reality can be used to enhance student learning and engagement

Vocational and special Ed will benefit from VR. Distance Education and Learning Technology Applications (DELTA) at NC State University is using virtual reality in Introductory Biology: Ecology, Evolution, and Biodiversity (BIO 181) to immerse students in field-based experience


Teachers are using digital technologies to engage students through a more personalized learning experience. Students are collaborating across geographical boundaries while consuming and producing innovative educational content. One of the most exciting examples of  technology in education is the use of computer graphics and visual algorithms to help students learn math and science


We provide education technology solutions that support this next-generation learning environment. Our solutions drive successful student outcomes, reduce unemployment and exponentially augment the nation’s human capital.

Accelerating the adoption of effective technologies in Education
Massive open online courses aka MOOCs not only promised to bring the developed world educational system content and experience to anyone with a broadband connection
Free Access
Provided a way for anyone in developing countries to improve current skills, learn new one and even earn educational credentials for free or minimal cost
MOOC in he developing world
Risk and change are managed to ensure that the project is delivered on Time, within Budget and to the required specifications. Helping governments attain their education goals
ED, Anywhere, Anytime, For All

We are dedicated to unlocking the promise of anydevice, anytime, anywhere access to learning. While the digital divide between the affluent and disadvantaged still exists, mobile devices is closing it, at least in terms of access.

Our teams support governments and educational institutions in assessing, designing, building and supporting their IT infrastructure with a systematic approach to mobility that is devices agnostic.

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Virtual Realty
  • Augmented Realty
  • For All
  • Free
  • Anywhere
  • Anytime
  • Bilogy
  • English
  • French
  • Swahili
  • Mechanic
  • Carpenter
  • MooC
  • Gaming
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