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As IPv4 exhaustion becomes more and more imminent, network operators across the globe are taking a closer look at transitioning to IPv6.



IPv6 Addresses


Billion IPv4 Addresses

IPv6 Adoption in US by Akamai


Minimize future renumbering


Maintain Nibble Boundaries




IPv6 Adoption

IPv6 has emerged from the “Innovators” and “Early Adoption” stages of deployment, and is now in the “Early Majority” phase.
As the price of an IPv4 address increases in 2018, and ISPs and cloud hosting providers are starting to charge more for IPv4 addresses while leaving IPv6 services free from additional charges for address space.
Google reports 49 countries deliver more than 5% of traffic over IPv6, with new countries joining all the time.Increasingly, IPv4 is an unnecessary cost, and a speculative asset.
According to the Internet Society State of IPv6 Deployment 2018, IPv6 deployment continues to increase around the world.
In the six years since World IPv6 Launch, levels of IPv6 deployment in networks and service providers all over the globe have increased dramatically.
Over 25% of all Internet-connected networks advertise IPv6 connectivity.In the root domain, which is to say the service that provides the addresses for top-level domains (TLDs) such as .com, .org, .us, or .io, the twelve companies operating thirteen root server are dual stacked: IPv6 and IPv4 addresses.

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IPv6 is emerging as the preferred platform and is a core component of the wireless Internet architecture (5G), SDN and IoT

Why IPv6

Future Proof your Deployment?

As IPv4 exhaustion becomes more and more imminent, network operators across the globe are taking a closer look at transitioning to IPv6.
The IPv6 protocol can handle packets more efficiently, improve performance and increase security. It permits broader mobile Internet access, supports business growth, and opens the door to new services like IoT
With IPv4 , IoT devices are supplied with NAT (non-routable across the internet) addresses due to the lack of internet-routable addresses. However, these same IoT devices hiding behind a NAT perimeter are invisible to other IoT devices on the internet, which defeats the whole purpose behind the IoT.

Main Features

  • Simplified header
  • End to End Connectivity
  • IPSec
  • No NAT or Broadcast
  • Larger Address Space

Service Points

Network System Integration
Our solutions help our customers get the job done, minimize risk and ensure readiness for the future.

We understand the challenges our customers face day in and day out, and what’s needed to help them achieve mission and enterprise success.
Efficient Routing
In IPv6, there are no broadcast mechanisms. Host auto-configuration and Multicast allow for an efficient routing: No NAT
Smooth Transition
This feature ensures transport layer connection survivability and allows a computer or a host to remain reachable regardless of its location in an IPv6 network
Built-in Encryption
Built-in authentication and privacy support
IPv6 Address Space
The expanded addressing capacity of IPv6 will enable trillions of new Internet addresses. IPv6 uses 128 bits for IPv6 addresses which allows for 340 billion billion billion billion (3.4×1038) unique addresses
THE THREE Internet

Three generations of global internet


Open source IPv6 Security toolktits

The SI6 Networks’ IPv6 toolkit is a set of IPv6 security assessment and troubleshooting tools that can be leveraged to perform security assessments of IPv6 networks. 

IPv6 attack toolkit.A complete tool set to attack the inherent protocol weaknesses of IPV6 and ICMP6, and includes an easy to use packet factory library.  

Chiron – An IPv6 Security Assessment framework with advanced IPv6 Extension Headers manipulation capabilities.  



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    Continuous Improvement

     IPv6 Deployment May 2019 

    • India
    • Saint Barthelemy
    • Belgium
    • USA
    • Germany
    Data from Akamai 

    World IPv6 Deployment

    • Americas
    • Asia
    • Europe
    • Africa
    Data from APNIC.NET

    —- Indian

    — USA

    — Canada

    — Germany

    IPv6 STATISTICS 2019

    Various measurements taking in consideration

    which websites have enabled IPv6?

    how many visitors to a specific website are using IPv6?

    how many networks have significant IPv6 deployment?

    how much traffic at an Internet exchange is using IPv6?

    Data from World IPv6 Launch







    Link Local


    Security in design

    IPv6 Security Policy

    A strategic plan is a useful tool in ensuring that your approach to IPv6 is business focussed and based on a sound foundation

    IPv6 Threat Analysis

    In-depth understanding of the risks in the protocols themselves and the different implementations on the platforms in use in your network.

    Designing Secure IPv6 Networks

    Clean and detailed design.

    Securing IPv6 Transistion Mechanisms

    We help our clients to advance their knowledge and careers with our certified experts.













    Hybrid Cloud
    Public Cloud
    Private Cloud


    The advent of IPv6 changes not only the network components but also the security field shifts.

    We see new types of attacks or at least variations of the attacks we know from IPv4.

    Through an analysis of your organisation’s requirements for IPv6

    GLADEV IPv6 Security engineers will determine which security techniques are possible and appropriate

    Our Architects will then help you to put together a practical secure design that meets your needs

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    Personal Wallet (Demo) (Demo)
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    Smart Search (Demo) (Demo)
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    Track Rates (Demo) (Demo)
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    Push Alerts (Demo)
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    Push Alerts (Demo) (Demo)
    To get notifications about transactions, prices etc.

    IPv6 News

    Stay Informed With Latest News From Our Blog

    68554698_m (Demo)
    11 Feb: IPv6 in Bitcoin

    This is an article by Vincentas Grinius of Heficed

    In 2019, those responsible for the health and smooth operation of their organisation’s data networks are facing a new, creeping threat from the depletion of IPv4 addresses. Unlike the millennium bug, however, this threat has no defined deadline, no ‘high noon’, to encourage action.

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