Global Assets
Digital transformation


Global perspective

GLADEV has successfully partnered with defense and civilian Federal Government agencies for 15 years to provide government IT consulting and implement wide-ranging IT operations initiatives. GLADEV’s deep understanding of government and the public sector—along with our tailored approach, rigorous fact-based analysis, and focus on stakeholder engagement and enablement—can help governments of all sizes address their most pressing challenges


Our core strength is diverse experience
with large complex Providers


Our experienced global network of advisors
supports governments around the world


Boost Public Sector Performance and Impact

Localized Experience
Global perspective
Government agencies and departments require reliable resources, flexible thinking, and the right minds committed to helping them take on their respectful countries most challenging problems. For over 20 years, we’ve been there. From security to defense, intelligence to health: GLADEV brings the local knowledge, resources, expertise, and innovation our clients need to succeed.
Global Asset Development Group
Working with the people
We operate across every agency and community, delivering the secure and progressive technology that protects citizens and enhances lives.
  • Cloud First: Achieve Operational efficiencies
  • Optimization: Maximize citizen’s productivities
  • Modernization: Optimal delivery of technologies for citizen


The impact of today’s rapidly changing economic and technological landscape—combined with the long-term implications of an aging population, climate change, and globalization— implicates everything from how education and health care systems need to evolve to how governments are funded
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